Gang violence erupts in Oyo: OGF demands urgent police action

Oyo Global Forum notes with great consternation the violence that erupted at Agunpopo and Baago neighbourhoods of Atiba Local Government Area today, 24 August 2018. Our preliminary findings revealed that the violence which led to the destruction of properties involved thugs who used guns. We also gathered that the violence was a consequence of the killing of a resident at a party organised last night by Mr Jamiu Aroba, who, as we are aware, is a private security aide to the Alaafin of Oyo and a former leader of the now-defunct notorious Tobalase gang.

We have contacted the Police and are satisfied they mobilised to the area of the violence to stop further escalation. However, we are aware the situation is still tense and potential of reprisals is strong. We are calling on the Police to ensure no further violence occurs. We urge they investigate the case so that all culprits are brought to book in line with the law of the land. Particularly, we demand that the circumstances leading to the death of the deceased be unravelled in a manner that commands public trust. We also demand proactive and urgent measures, going forward, to stop violence from happening at all

It is important to remind the traditional institutions, community leaders, local council authorities, parents and social/civic groups of our collective role in security by discouraging drug abuse and thuggery, promoting the right values, and reporting suspicious mobilisations to the police before violence occurs.

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