In its bid to find solution to the on going disgraceful violence in Oyo secondary schools , a team of OGF members led by the Vice Chairman (Nigeria) Olorunpoto Cephas Rahaman embarked on a fact finding mission to the affected schools and security agents . Other members of the team are Alh. Akeem Alatise Mr. Abiodun Salaam Mr. Oyedemi Saheed.


1. Pass mark for subjects was increased from 35% to 50%, the decision was made after the examination and it was alleged that the students thought that the change was made in response to the failed privatization of schools idea by the government.

2. It was also reported that students are getting report cards six weeks into a new term, this means that the students were already receiving lectures in the classes they were to be promoted to. Some of them claim to have purchased books for the new class and they find it difficult to repeat a class.


Report cards were distributed to students on Tuesday and immediately they saw the trend of things, they became very violent, they attacked staff members, destroyed some vehicles and with the support of non students in the community, they destroyed some school properties. They had dangerous weapons with them and along the line, one of the non students was badly injured, he later died in the hospital. Family members of the deceased are now threatening that the Principal must pay hospital bills of the deceased and some other charges to avoid attack. Police intervened in good time and they were able to chase the violent students away.


Apart from the injury that led to the death of a non student, the same thing that happened at Oba Adeyemi was repeated at Oranyan Grammar School.


At about 10am on Thursday, some students and non students were seen on the field and in a bush near a block of building. There was a plan between the Principal and the Police to distribute the report cards by 12noon, out of fear of attack, the Principal gave instructions to teachers to release the report cards. Students went very wild on seeing the report cards, they stoned the teachers and chases them away from the school premises. The Principal at point called the Police to help control the situation, only a team of 4 unharmed officers on patrol made it to the school at that time, like the teachers, they ran away and the protesters set a building ablaze. Four rooms got burnt in the process and there was very quick intervention from the State Fire Service. No arrest was made by the police as at 5:30 pm on Thursday.

ALAAFIN HIGH SCHOOL AND OKE OLOLA COMMUNITY SCHOOL Two very volatile schools, they had PTA meetings on Thursday in preparation for the distribution of report cards tomorrow. The Police are already informed and should be there by 10am and 12 noon on Friday respectively.

We had a meeting with the D.P.O, Mr. Sodiq. Summary of the meeting with the DPO

1. The Principal of Isale Oyo Community High School should have worked with the plan she had with the police to distribute the report cards by 12noon

2. The Police decided not to make public arrest to avoid another community issue

3. The police have names of students to arrest and we should expect results soon

4. We gave additional names to the police

5. There is a limit to what the Police can do, he said parading the suspects in school after arrest is unlawful.

6. Oyo State does not have juvenile courts, so many suspects are likely to claim to be less than 18 years old.

7. The issue of Don Allahdey is a serious issue with almost no solution. He said the matter was discussed in the Security Council Meeting headed by the Area Commander without any success. The hemps dealer has been arrested twice and he has very strong connections to get himself free after arrests.


1. Notifying DSS of the menace and seeking the intervention of DSS.

2. Town Hall Meeting

3. Establishment of Juvenile Courts and detention facilities across the State

4. Introducing a new law that empowers the Police to arrest and prosecute students found wandering during school hours

5. Introducing a law that makes it impossible to establish game houses, bet centres and drinking joints within 200metres to the fence of schools.

6. Regular engagement with students by OGF.

This report was prepared by OGF Vice Chairman (Nigeria), Mr Olorunpoto Rahaman


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