We of the Oyo Global Forum, a group of professionals from Oyo federal constituency resident in various cities of the world, observe with dismay and great disappointment, the recent report indicating that the Oyo State Government under Gov. Isiaka Ajimobi, has concluded plans to postpone the local government elections for another year, until September 2013.

We recall, in particular, that the governor made an explicit promise on record during his public lecture in Oxford city on Saturday 6th October, when he expressly committed his government to immediately begin the process for elections and conduct same by the end of 2012 or early 2013 at the latest. Suddenly, we are now told that the government has had a sudden change of mind.

We made bold to say, without any fear of contradiction, that this latest turnaround constitute a betrayal of the people of the state in general, and the good people of Oyo federal constituency in particular, whose voices have now been shut down in choosing their own leaders at the local governments. How can a government, and a party which pride itself as progressives, subvert the will of the people at the grassroots by this underhand approach, and still expect the same people to trust them at the polls at the next time of asking.

Governments, like people, are not forever. We hope, for the sake of its own legacy and in the interest of the people whom it pledges to serve, that the government will rescind its decision and conduct elections within the next four months. In the absence of this, the Oyo Global Forum will not hesitate to summon all resources at our command to constantly remind people of this grievous betrayal that strikes at the very heart of their democratic right.

Long live Oyo State!

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!


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