Cleanliness is next to godliness. A clean and serene environment is the direct efforts of the people living in such an environment and the eventual health benefits go to the dwellers. Apart from sweeping, washing clothes and plates, maintaining good hygiene why cooking and proper disposal of our wastes. The importance of a well functional toilet cannot be over-emphasized in this modern era of our existence. Apart from serving as a depository for the human waste product, it also helps to a large extent to preserve the environment and help curtail the spread of germs if well managed.

Consequently, the availability of a good toilet in a public place like market should not be toiled with. The case of toilet in our ancient most popular Akesan market is in a sorry state at a time when agitation for additional toilets within the market was ripe and pertinent. The only long existing toilet in the market is presently under lock and key all in the name of reconstruction.

The Rt. Hon. Speaker of the State, Hon. Hadjia Monsurat Sunmonu should be commended for her foresight to reconstruct the toilet to meet the yearnings of the market men and women. This  ‘gift’ from the honourable representing Oyo East and Oyo West constituency in the state assembly appears to be turning into a white elephant project.  The toilet, be it renovation or reconstruction,  is supposedly a project that should not take more than a period of six months, but the project is taking longer than expected and it is still not accessible to the market men and women.

This  situation has left the market without a toilet for months and it can only be  imagined what that portend for the market populace, the customers and the environment. And in this period of Ebola outbreak and other health related issues, the need to complete the toilet project and make it accessible for people’s use is so cogent.

We hope Rt. Hon. Speaker will expedite action on the project to prevent what  can lead  to a big public health catastrophe.

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