Akesan Fire Incident

Tragedy struck in Oyo Town in the early hours of Sunday, January 5, 2020, as fire razed Akesan Market, the town’s main commercial centre, almost entirely. Only a few shops and a filling station are yet to be affected as of now.

Unfortunately, the Fire Service based in Oyo and just less than 20 metres to the Market could not mobilise to stop the raging fire. The Service said its equipment was not functioning. Firefighters then had to be mobilised from Ogbomoso Town, several kilometres away, after massive damage.

We condemn this failure of governance service but we will respond more appropriately on this later.

However, Ogbomoso firefighters are currently fighting the fire and we hope it is stopped before further damage.

We sympathise with our people, particularly men and women trading at Akesan. It is a sad way to start the year.

More to follow…

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  1. From me and my family we are sympaticing with the traders at Akesan market and the people of Oyo town at large. Ina kii se ki ina o ma san o Oloun afi ofo ra emi won o amin from Iseyin

  2. I am emotionally touched when I heard the news and saw the picture of the fire razed market because this is a market i grew up to know and sell stuff as a kid over 60 years ago in my mum’s shop in the ancient market. Mum had a shop there and I helped mum to sell ‘market’ (ojà) every evening, when I was a day student in secondary school, till around 9pm as our family house is near the market. Infact many people called us omo ojà (market children).
    My sympathy goes to all who are affected by the fire incident, whose livelihood means depend on the market.