Oyo Global Forum strongly condemn the fatal incident which claimed human lives during the Oranyan Festival at the Palace of the Alaafin of Oyo yesterday. Following investigations, we are aware the incident involved Chief Bisi Ilaka’s private bodyguards who allegedly fired gunshots that resulted in the deaths of at least two persons, including a woman. A number of persons were also injured as the incident was said to have happened in the context of a mob action.
We call on the police to expedite action on their investigations and promptly bring the culprits to book. The latest incident happened just barely two weeks after the killing at Agunpopo. No evidence of any serious police action is available now, despite assurances given during our engagement with the police in the wake of that unfortunate Agunpopo incident. 

We wish to warn politicians to desist from using thugs. The consequences of this uncivilised practice, such as what happened yesterday, could be fatal. It makes a mess of every claim of seeking to serve when politicians or public office seekers go about with thugs and arm our young people.

Meanwhile, efforts are apace to facilitate a summit involving political stakeholders, security agencies and other relevant stakeholders with a view to issuing a communique denouncing violence and every method that can cause violence, including mobilisation of thugs, before, during and after the coming 2019 elections.


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